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Hello there!

This weekend we returned from a few days staying in a small village on Loch Lomond called Balmaha. Since changing my website platform this blog feature has sat here unused, so I thought I would make the most of it by sharing a few images and details of the trip. Who knows, maybe some fellow photographers who are planning a trip to the Loch may find it useful...

Milarrochy Bay

Having flown into Scotland and not having my own car my morning photography outings were restricted to areas within walking distance. We arrived in the evening so I didn't have a clue where I was going on the first morning, so in the pitch black I picked a direction and hoped for the best!! Luckily after a mile or so I stumbled upon Milarrochy Bay, a beach with a very photogenic lonely tree that I have seen in other photographers images before. There were also some large boulders which provided great lead in lines for the stunning mountain ranges opposite.

As the sun came up behind me some colour began to amass in the clouds that were swirling in between the mountains, creating a nice mood. I switched between taking shots of the boulders and the tree to find the best composition before heading back to Balmaha fairly happy with both results.

I passed Milarrochy Bay again a couple of days later, whilst it was still blue hour and the visibility was reduced. I don't often shoot at this time of day, but there was something about the mood created by the still water on this morning that made it hard to resist firing off a few shots.

With a bit of time to kill before sunrise I walked beyond the Bay, but was disappointed to not find anything of interest within walking distance, so made my way back again. The waters had remained calm and with the haze in front of the mountains clearing there were some lovely reflections on the water.


On the walk from Milarrochy Bay to Balmaha there are some lovely views across the Loch to the mountains behind. 

This image was taken on the first morning, as the clouds circled around the mountains. I was quite drawn to this house on the island as it helps to give a sense of scale to the mountains.

The next two shots were taken a couple of days later when the water was calmer and engulfed in a haze, which created a more serene feel.

Conic Hill

The closest we got to walking up a mountain during our stay was the 1400 foot ascent up Conic Hill. The path up to Conic Hill starts behind the Balmaha visitor centre and and takes you through the woods before the climb begins. Whilst not spectacularly high like some of the surrounding mountains, it is a steep ascent and the views from the top are fantastic.

I was hoping to make this climb again for sunset, but sadly conditions didn't play ball after this point as the overcast weather moved in.


Luss is a quaint little village on Loch Lomond, almost opposite Milarrochy Bay. It was recommended to us by a coupple of people and was well worth a visit. Whilst it is a lovely village, it didn't strike me as being particularly photogenic, at least not from a landscape photography sense so I only took a coupe of shots here. This image was taken from the beach looking across to one of the nearby mountains.

As I said before, the weather didn't really play ball beyond this point so a couple of other shots I had in mind didn't materialise. I'm sure there are many other fantastic places around the Loch to explore, as I really only scratcher the surface of a small area. Sounds like a great excuse to go back there in a few years time!!

If you like any of these images, some of them will be made available for purchase in my Travel gallery shortly, which you can navigate to through the top menu. Please feel free to leave any comments or questions below; I would love to hear from you!


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